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western Yunnan form what is ▓known as the Yunnan Lesser Liangshan Mountain area. In Guiz▓hou, more

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than half a million Yis live in compact communities in Anshun and Bijie. Several▓ thousand Yis live in Longlin and Mubian co▓unties in the Guangxi Zhuang

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rea. This is the primary reason why the Yis in various areas are so different from one another▓ in the ways they make a living.The Yi ▓areas are rich in natural resources. The Jinsha River running through Sichuan and Yunnan and its tributaries surgi▓ng through the Yi areas in northern and northeastern Yunnan are enormous sources of water power. The Yi areas

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are not only rich in coal and ▓iron, but are also among China's major producers of non-ferrous metals. Gejiu, China's fa

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mous tin center, reared the first generation of Yi industrial workers. Various Yi areas in the Greater and Lesser Lian

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gshan Mountains, western Guizhou, and eastern and southern Yunnan abound in dozens of mineral resources, includ▓ing gol

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d, silver, aluminum, manganese, antimony and zinc. Vast forests stretch across the Yi areas, where Yunnan pine, masson pine, dragon spruce, Chinese pine and other timber trees, l

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acquer, tea, camphor, kapok and other trees of economic value grow in great numbers. The forests teem with wild animals and plants as well as pilose antler, musk, bear gallbl▓ad

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ders and medicinal herbs such as poris cocos and pseudoginseng.Go through these celebration ideas and ▓have a splendid Valentine's Day with your family.Scavenger HuntOrganise a tr

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easure hunt o▓n Valentine's Day. The children of your household are sim▓ply gonna love this. Write up little notes▓ about how you feel for them and what they mean to you and▓ place

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them around your house along with a candy hear▓t or other treat. Add a riddle at the end of each note about where to find ▓the next note. At the last note, have something specia

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l waiting there, say ▓a teddy bear or other toy or treat. Make sure tha▓t you hide the notes when none of t▓he little ones are watching, or else all the fun is going to be spoiled

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    .Touch livesSaint Valentine gave up his life to be of some assistance to his countrymen. Relax, we a▓re not advicing you to do the same. But Valentine's▓ Day can be a splendid opportunity ▓for you to t

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    ouch the life of someone else and see if you can help that person in some way. You can visit a nearby hospital or chronic care home to hand o▓ver small Valentine gifts to the patients admitted in there; especially those who do not▓ have man

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    y visitors or have none to call of their own. Your presence will fill them with a sense of belonging to the community and provide them ▓with some much needed emotion

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    al boost. Make sure to call the hospitals or nursing homes beforehand to arrange for▓ your visit. Else, your noble intentions can be misinterpreted and can land you in unpleasant circumstances. ▓Two more fo

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